Fine Art

Luminescence is a visual performance art piece, designed, created and performed by the association of three artists: A special art-design-perfomance collaboration between Paul Gladstone-Reid (Music Composer); Aubert Vanderlinden (Choreographer); Fabian Weber (Director/DOP). The collaborative poise between the artists approximates a kind of collectives synesthesia, where each artist is able to create, express and design with a sense of image, motion, colour and sound, in ways that enhance the creative partnership. Luminescence and the invocations of meaning and experience are felt implicitly through the frequency, energy, and vibration that each action emits and evokes. The correspondence of their trajectories are enable and mobilized through the creation and performance of art; being at once conceptual and representational at the same time. This work opens portals in the imagination through artistic expression which interprets the working of consciousness and sensual mindfulness through the language of art.